Our Presenters

Phil Fagan

_DSC9964-2 logo90snetPhil’s job here at The 90s Network is to make sure all our music is in the right folder and it plays when it should! He is also in charge of our Album of the Day aswell as the social media side of the station. Phil also assembles the News Clips from the 90s for the station.





Mike O’ Brien

radioea0e8c_1e25315b6d2742e9b85e08014ea73d3bMike is apperently the brains behind the whole concept of The 90s Network. He is the general manager of the station and is responsible for the day to day running of the station. He has been involved in radio for years in Dublin, on Classic Hits 4FM, Radio Nova and he started out on Freedom 92FM many years ago!





Tony Kiernan

Tony has been working inthe Iriah Media industry for years and has produced all the bits and pieces you hear inbetween the songs!